More information on how to help yourself with a sore throat.

When signs of sore throat appear, such as burning, stinging, scratching in the throat…. it is often recommended to rest in a room with a constant and moderate temperature, regular ventilation and humidification of the air, drink enough warm, not hot liquids (tea), eat warm soups. Spicy foods, sour fruits, carbonated drinks, cigarette smoke and alcohol should be avoided as they further irritate the inflamed mucosa. Traditionally, the throat was rinsed with sage tea, and today ready-made pharmaceutical preparations in the form of sprays, liquids and lozenges / lozenges / tablets are more commonly used.

Among the finished pharmaceutical preparations, today patients often opt for Lysobact® products (Lysobact® lozenges, Lysobact P Spray®, Lysobact Spray®, Lysobact Duo® or Lysobact Complete Spray®). The active components of Lysobact® act against inflammatory agents (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), relieve symptoms, alleviate the inflammatory process and help heal damaged oral and throat  mucous membranes. Lysobact® protects the oral and throat mucous membranes and strengthens the local immune response. Lysobact Spray® and Lysobact Complete Spray® do not contain alcohol.

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