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Play the game, beat the sore throat!

When symptoms and signs of sore throat appear, resting at home is often recommended.
To make your time go faster and have fun, we have prepared the LYSOBACT game for you.

Play the game and defeat the causes of your sore throat!
The goal of the game is to destroy as many targets as possible – bacteria in the mouth and throat before they hit the uvula.

The game is free, and you can play it at any time, without downloading content.
By clicking on the logo (picture below), launch the Lysobact game in your browser.



You can also play the Lysobact game on your smartphone or tablet.
Depending on whether you are using an iPhone or Android smartphone, click on one of the appropriate platforms (icons below), to download the game for your device for free.

en_app_rgb_wo_45 badge_appstore-lrg

Game instructions!

Level selection
Start game
Victory and the end



Press / click the button   start to start  LYSOBACT game.

Level selection

Level selection  (proportional to the speed of the targets – the bacteria):

igrac_pocetnik – bacteria move more slowly

igrac_expert– bacteria move at a higher speed and are recommended for more advanced players with better reflexes


Game start

Hit as many bacteria as possible   before they hit the uvula.

Caution! Some bacteria do not disintegrate when they hit the uvula but stick together or partially hide behind the uvula!



In the upper middle part of the screen there is a Clock vrijeme that shows the time (in seconds) elapsed since the start of the game.



The points are displayed on the indicator
located in the lower left corner of the screen.
By destroying bacteria you win health points.




There is a health scale indicator in the lower right corner of the screen.





If you successfully destroy bacteria – the green scale of health grows.





If the bacteria hit the uvula, stick to them, or hide behind it – the red scale of the sore throat grows.





If the green health scale falls to a minimum, you lose!








When the green health scale rises to its maximum, you automatically move to the next level.

The LYSOBACT game has a total of three levels.



level02startLYSOBACT SPRAY®



Numbers 1 to 3, to the left of the health indicator, show the level you are currently at.






You lost!

If you lose your health –energija002you lost.


You have the option to start the game from the beginning – by clicking on the button    pocetak  , or to continue the game from the last level you reached – by clicking on the “Replay” button   repriza


Victory and the end

When you pass all three levels, you reach the end of the game LYSOBACT…

… You beat a sore throat!

If you have not already, you have the option to choose the difficulty of the Expert game and try your luck with even faster bacteria.

We wish you good health with LYSOBACT® products and good fun with LYSOBACT!

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Read the package leaflet carefully before use. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for information on indications, precautions and side effects.