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Treatment with Lysobact® products should generally take up to 5 days. If after 5 days there is no improvement in symptoms, you should consult your doctor. If you have any questions or concerns during treatment, ask your pharmacist, or contact us directly at:   info@bosnalijek.ba

If it is a minor inflammatory process on the oral mucosa, which is limited and does not affect most of the oral mucosa and which is accompanied by mild sensitivity, Lysobact® lozenges are the drug of choice.

If the inflammatory process in the oral cavity or throat is more pronounced or damage to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity caused by hot food and beverages, mechanical dentures, use of inadequate toothbrushes or otherwise, and if inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat or mouth is accompanied by severe sensitivity and symptoms such as redness, dryness, scratching in the throat, etc., the drug of choice is Lysobact Spray®.

If it is an inflammatory process in the oral cavity or throat or tonsil area, which is accompanied by extreme discomfort, tenderness, irritation, and pain that interferes with daily activities, then the drug of choice is Lysobact Complete Spray®.

If inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat occurs in children aged 2 to 6 years, the drug of choice is Lysobact P Spray®. Lysobact P Spray® has found wide application in pediatrics both in the treatment of sore throat and in the treatment of systemic viral and bacterial infections accompanied by inflammation of the oral mucosa (Coxsackie virus, measles, chickenpox, herpangina, rubella, mumps, herpetic gingival disease, scarlatina, streptococcal stomatitis), canker sores, oral candidiasis, mechanical injuries, gingivitis…

If, due to the nature of your work, you often or daily strain your vocal cords or are more sensitive to the effects of environmental factors (cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, etc.), you can use any of the Lysobact® products for preventive purposes.

For more information about which Lysobact® suits your needs…

Yes, the concomitant use of Lysobact® products during antibiotic therapy of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat is even recommended. Lysobact® contains an active substance called lysozyme. Among other effects, lysozyme works against bacteria by killing bacterial cells and, in combination with antibiotics, enhances their anti-bacterial effect. The use of Lyosbact® products during antibiotic therapy is safe and contributes to more effective treatment.

Medicines used to treat cold and flu symptoms mainly contain components that lower fever, reduce secretions from the nose and nasal sinuses, reduce tearing, reduce sneezing, reduce cough, relieve muscle, and joint pain, and relieve headache that often accompanies colds and flu due to swelling of the sinus mucosa and accumulation of excessive secretions (e.g.  Rhinostop®).
Medicines used for colds and flu usually do not include components that reduce the inflammatory process in the mucous membranes of the throat and tonsils, although sore throats and tonsillitis are often an accompanying symptom of viral infections such as colds and flu. Lysobact® products reduce the inflammatory process in the throat area, reduce redness and relieve sore throats, and it is recommended to use them at the same time as products used against cold and flu symptoms.
If the sore throat is caused by bacteria, then it is not a viral infection of colds and flu, and in that case, it is not justified to use medications against the symptoms of colds and flu. Bacterial sore throat is treated with an antibiotic that you should never take on your own, but only on the advice of a doctor, on a doctor’s prescription.

Yes, Lysobact P Spray® is suitable for use in children over 2 years of age, while all other Lysobact® products are adapted for use in children over 6 years of age (especially suitable for use in school-age children, adolescents, and students).

Yes, the use of Lysobact® products is safe in adults and children older than 2 years and they represent drugs with an extremely positive safety profile. Apart from allergic reactions to egg whites and components in the medicine, there are no other conditions when the use of these medicines is not recommended. Sources of data on side effects from the Drug Center of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology in Sarajevo. According to the data on reported side effects from the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of BiH, and the Pharmacovigilance Unit of Bosnalijek d.d., as well as from sources around the world indicate the fact that there were no reports of any side effects of this drug in use more than 42 years, confirming exceptional safety. Also, no data on possible overdose with this drug have been recorded. Lysobact® products do not affect the ability to drive and use machines. It is the safety of use that makes Lysobact® products an integral part of every better home pharmacy.

If you have started treatment with one Lysobact® product, it is recommended to end the therapy with the same product, if you have a sufficient amount of medicine available in the available packaging. Lysobact® products can be combined with each other in the recommended total doses.

If you have started treatment with one over-the-counter product and you have a Lysobact® product available, you can continue the therapy with the Lysobact® product, following the instructions for use of the medicine.

Since mechanical damage to the oral mucosa most often occurs during the mentioned dental procedures, the use of Lysobact® products is recommended after each procedure on the teeth, gums, and oral mucosa. Lysozyme in the composition of Lysobact® products, among other beneficial effects, shows a proregenerative effect because it stimulates the renewal of cells involved in healing the damaged mucosa, while reducing the number of inflammatory cells that are activated at the site of damage. In this way it contributes to faster tissue healing. Lysozyme enhances the body’s natural resistance, thus preventing the penetration of microorganisms from the external environment, which is facilitated in the case of impaired integrity of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, for any reason. Tooth repair, tooth extraction and any other procedure can be accompanied by irritation, discomfort, pain, and similar symptoms, which is why it is recommended to use Lysobact® products before and after dental procedures.

Yes, the use of Lysobact® is recommended before and after tonsillectomy. Before surgery – because lysozyme makes the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat more resistant to the stress caused by surgery, and after – because lysozyme shows a positive effect on tissue regeneration after the intervention. Other ingredients, such as vitamin B6 in Lysobact® lozenges and Lysobact P Spray®, also have a protective effect on the mucous membranes.
In children with a lower concentration of lysozyme, a slower healing of the postoperative wound after tonsillectomy was observed, as well as a longer duration of postoperative symptoms such as pain, difficulty swallowing, etc. Also, tonsil mucosal cells are thought to have the ability to produce lysozyme whose concentration decreases significantly after their surgical removal.

As there is no risk of disturbing the stability of the active ingredients in the contents of Lysobact Spray®, Lysobact Complete Spray® and Lysobact P Spray® products, if the entire contents of the vial are not used after first opening, you can use non-frozen medicine stored at temperatures up to 25 °C once for a short period after one treatment regimen. Do not use this medicine after the expiry date which is stated on the outer carton.

Lysobact® products are over-the-counter products bought in pharmacies, and are not expensive, but represent the best ratio of price, safety, and efficiency. The price is adjusted to the average purchasing power of citizens.

No, Lysobact® products are available at any pharmacy. According to the dispensing regime, they belong to the group of over-the-counter drugs „Over-The-Counter“ (OTC). You can get a recommendation to buy one of the Lysobact products from a pharmacist as well as a doctor.

The advantage of Lysobact® over all other oral antiseptics as products for the treatment of sore throats and diseases of the oral mucosa is that they contain lysozyme, which no other product contains. Lysozyme is an enzyme that is an integral part of saliva and which, in addition to antiseptic, shows several other beneficial effects. Thanks to lysozyme, Lysobact® products also have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (against bacteria, viruses, and fungi), proregenerative (promote the healing process and regeneration of damaged mucous membranes), mucoprotective (protect the mucous membranes), immunomodulatory (increase local mucosal immune response), analgesic pain), antiallergic… Lysobact Complete Spray®, thanks to lidocaine it also has an anesthetic effect, i.e. completely and almost instantly relieves pain at the site of application. All other oral antiseptics have a single or double antiseptic effect, while only Lysobact® products show a full range of additional beneficial, protective, preventive-therapeutic effects in the mouth and throat.

If you forget to use any of the Lysobact products, do so as soon as you remember. After that, continue taking LYSOBACT P SPRAY® at your regular schedule and in the recommended manner.

Read the package leaflet carefully before use. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for information on indications, precautions and side effects.