Lysobact® compressed lozenges contain two active ingredients in one formulation: lysozyme and vitamin B6. One Lysobact® compressed lozenge contains 20 mg lysozyme chloride and 10 mg pyridoxine chloride (vitamin B6).

Lysozyme is a unique substance of natural origin, which is a significant factor of natural immunity and via its multiple beneficial therapeutic effects it helps in the protection and healing of the mouth and throat mucosa.


Active components of Lysobact®:

  • act against inflammation agents (bacteria, viruses, and fungi)
  • alleviate inflammatory process
  • help healing of wounds and mouth cavity mucosa lesions
  • protect mouth cavity and throat mucosa
  • strengthen the local immune response
  • produce a mild analgesic effect


Lysobact® is an excellent choice for treatment of:

  • mild sore throat not accompanied by elevated body temperature
  • aphthae
  • small mouth wounds


Contrary to other products in the market which are mostly recommended for symptomatic therapy of viral infections, Lysobact® can also be given in the combination with antibiotics, which improves their antibacterial effect, and enables a reduction of the antimicrobial dose; it can also be used in case of poor tolerability of other antimicrobials.

It is used in adults and children over 6 years of age.

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  • Lysobact® acts on causative agents of oral and throat inflammations, alleviates the inflammation and its symptoms, speeds up healing and can prevent development of more severe infections and inflammations.
  • Due to its natural ingredients, Lysobact® is one of the safest medicines of its group.
  • Only Lysobact® products contain lysozyme, a natural substance which show eight beneficial effects on the oral and throat mucosa!
  • Lysobact® is one of the most often used products in the local therapy of sore throat and all minor infections of the oral mucosa. So far Lysobact® has been used by more than 50 million people around the world.
  • There are no serious contraindications for the use of Lysobact®.
  • The use of food and drinks does not affect the efficiency of Lysobact® compressed lozenges.
  • The medicine is used without medical prescription.

This medicine is intended for adults and children over 6 years of age. The usual dose is 6 to 8 compressed lozenges during the day. The medicine is used orally (via mouth).

Compressed lozenges should be left to slowly dissolve beneath the tongue. There must be at least 1 hour interval between each intake. The treatment lasts for 5 days. If no improvement occurs after 5 days of treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.