Lysobact Complete Spray®


Lysobact Complete Spray® contains a new, unique, and improved formulation of Lysobact Spray®. Lysobact Complete Spray® consists of three active ingredients in one formulation: besides lysozyme and cetylpyridine chloride as antiseptic agents, Lysobact Complete Spray® contains local anesthetic lidocaine.
Each 1 mL of Lysobact Complete Spray® contains 20 mg of lysozyme hydrochloride, 1.5 mg of cetylpyridine chloride and 0.5 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride.

Lysozyme is a unique substance of natural origin, which is a significant factor of natural immunity and via its multiple beneficial therapeutic effects it helps in the protection and healing of the mouth and throat mucosa. Cetylpyridine is an oral antiseptic with a wide antimicrobial spectrum of action against many microorganisms, including viruses and fungi. Lysozyme and cetylpyridine display mutual and synergistic antimicrobial effects. Efficacy and safety of both active ingredients have been proven in many controlled clinical and preclinical trials.


Lysobact Complete Spray® displays anesthetic effect of lidocaine on oral and throat mucosa, thus alleviating pain sensation that accompanies all stronger inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat.

Active components of Lysobact Complete Spray®

  • Act against causative agents of inflammation (bacteria, viruses, and fungi),
  • Attenuate the inflammatory process,
  • Help healing of wounds and impaired oral mucosa,
  • Protect the mouth and throat mucosa,
  • Strengthen the local immune response,
  • Eliminate pain sensation.


Lysobact Complete Spray® is an excellent therapeutic choice and a complete solution for problems of acute inflammatory and very painful conditions, and mouth and throat mucosa impairments.

Lysobact Complete Spray® is used for: 

  • Sore throat – in painful, irritable, and inflamed throat  
  • Tonsillitis  
  • Pharyngitis  
  • Gingivitis (gums inflammation) 
  • Stomatitis (inflamed oral mucosa) 
  • Aphthae (small ulcers in the mouth) 
  • Before and after surgeries (tonsils, larynx) 
  • Injuries 
  • Abscesses 
  • After a tooth extraction  

Lysobact Complete Spray® contains peppermint flavor that freshens your breath and eliminates bad breath most associated with inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat.

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  • Lysobact Complete Spray® is a medicine with the most potent action against causative agents of oral and throat inflammations, it attenuates inflammation and its symptomsspeeds healing and may prevent development of more severe infections and inflammations.
  • Unique composition of Lysobact Complete Spray® displays complete effect against all the inflammatory and painful conditions and impairments of the mouth and throat mucosa.
  • Lysobact Complete Spray® displays even ten beneficial effects on oral and throat mucosa!
  • A practical and modern form of spray is adjusted to the needs of persons with active lifestyle who take care about their health
  • Lysobact Complete Spray® has an applicator which enables simple, easy, fast and precise application of the medicine
  • Lysobact Complete Spray® contains peppermint flavor
  • Lysobact Complete Spray® does not contain alcohol
  • Lysobact Complete Spray® does not contain sugar and it is convenient for use by people with diabetes
  • Available without a medical prescription

Press down the pump five times for a single dose. This procedure can be repeated 3-6 times a day, with a minimum of 2-hrs intervals between the doses. Pressing down the spray pump once releases 0.20 mL of the solution containing 4 mg of lysozyme, 0.3 mg of cetylpyridine and 0.1 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride.

Method of use: 

  • Only one patient should use this medicine.
  • Before the first application, remove the plastic cap from the spray pump.
  • After that, place the spray pump applicator on the spray pump by lightly pressing.
  • Applicator can be moved sideways, and it ensures proper application of spray into the mouth cavity.
  • Applicator should be turned upwards at a right angle from the bottle.
  • Before the first application of the spray, press down the spray pump several times until the spraying is homogenous.
  • Open the mouth wide, point the applicator towards the affected area and press down the spray pump as many times as noted in the dosage.
  • Hold your breath during the spraying. Do not swallow.
  • After using the medicine, you should turn the applicator downwards to block the spraying.


Usage of Lysobact Complete Spray® is not recommended in children aged below 6. Lysobact Complete Spray® does not contain sugar and it is convenient for use by people with diabetes.