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Mild redness of the mucous membranes, burning / stinging sensation, mild difficulty swallowing
Red mucous membranes, more pronounced uncomfortable burning sensations, scratching, tightness, feeling of dryness, difficulty swallowing, mild to moderate pain
Very red and / or coated mucosa, burning, tightness or severe pain in the mouth or throat, painful swallowing

Why are Lysobact® products unique?

Lysobact® products contain lysozyme, a unique organic substance of natural origin. Lysozyme is a significant factor of natural immunity and with its multiple beneficial therapeutic effects helps protect and heal the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Lysobact® losenges and Lysobact P Spray® are used against minor inflammatory conditions and damage to the oral cavity and throat accompanied by mild sensitivity.

Lysobact Spray® is used against mild to moderate inflammation and damage to the oral cavity and throat accompanied by more pronounced sensitivity and symptoms.

Lysobact DUO® compressed lozenges are used for the same indications as Lysobact Spray®, and are intended for people who prefer solid oral forms of medicine or for some other reason cannot use medicines in the form of sprays.

Lysobact Complete Spray® is used against all inflammatory and painful conditions in the oral cavity and throat (complete solution).