Lysobact Spray®


Lysobact Spray® contains a new, unique, and improved basic formulation of Lysobact®.  Lysobact Spray® contains two active components in one formulation: lysozyme and antiseptic cetylpyridine chloride.
Each 1 mL of Lysobact Spray® contains 20 mg lysozyme hydrochloride and 1.5 mg cetylpyridine chloride.

Lysozyme is a unique substance of natural origin, which is a significant factor of natural immunity and which, through its multiple beneficial therapeutic effects, helps in the protection and healing of the mouth and throat mucosa.  Cetylpyridine is an oral antiseptic with a wide antimicrobial spectrum of action against many microorganisms, including viruses and fungi. Lysozyme and cetylpyridine show common and synergistic antimicrobial action. The efficiency and safety of both active components of the medicine have been proven in numerous controlled clinical and preclinical studies.

Active components of Lysobact Spray®

  • act against inflammation agents (bacteria, viruses, and fungi),
  • alleviate inflammatory process,
  • help healing of wounds and mouth cavity mucosa lesions,
  • protect oral cavity and throat mucosa,
  • strengthen the local immune response.
  • produce a mild analgesic effect.

Lysobact Spray® is an excellent therapeutic choice for treatment of acute inflammatory illnesses of the mouth and throat mucosa.

Lysobact Spray® is used for:

  • sore throat and painful swallowing,
  • tonsil inflammation,
  • throat inflammation,
  • gum inflammation (gingivitis)
  • mouth mucosa inflammation (stomatitis)
  • small wounds on the mouth  mucosa (aphthae)
  • before and  after surgery (of the tonsils, throat)
  • injuries
  • abscesses
  • after tooth extraction

Lysobact Spray® is a practical and modern pharmaceutical form of spray with a new, unique and improved formulation which contains two active components in one medicine.

Lysobact Spray® offers the possibility of choice between two unique flavors:

  • refreshing peppermint flavor (refreshes the breath and eliminates bad breath which often accompanies inflammatory processes  in the mouth and the throat)
  • pleasant, soothing fennel flavor (has a soothing effect on the throat and mouth mucosa and alleviates the feeling of irritation and cough).


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  • Lysobact Spray® has stronger  effect on causative agents of mouth and throat inflammations, alleviates the inflammation and its symptomsspeeds up healing and can prevent development of severe infections and inflammations.
  • Unique composition of Lysobact Spray® enables enhanced antimicrobial action against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Lysobact Spray® shows nine beneficial effects on the mouth and throat mucosa!
  • Practical and modern form of spray adapted to the needs of active life of the persons taking care of their health.
  • Lysobact Spray® has an applicator  which enables simple, easy, fast, and precise application of the medicine.
  • Choose Lysobact Spray® in one of the two flavorspeppermint or fennel.
  • Lysobact Spray® does not contain alcohol.
  • Use of food and drinks does not affect the efficiency of Lysobact Spray®
  • The medicine is issued without medical prescription.

For individual dosage, it is necessary to press down the spraying pump for five times. The procedure can be repeated 3-6 times a day, with minimum 2-hrs intervals between dosages. One press on the pump releases 0.20 ml of the solution containing 4 mg lysozyme and 0.3 mg cetylpyridine.

Method of administration:

  • It is recommended that the medicine be used by one patient only.
  • Before first application, the plastic cap should be removed from the spraying pump.
  • After that, the spray nozzle applicator is placed on the spraying pump by a light pressure.
  • The applicator is movable sideways ensuring proper application of the spray in the mouth cavity.
  • The applicator should be turned upwards, at a right angle to the bottle.
  • Before first application of the spray, the spraying pump should first be pressed down several times until uniform spraying is achieved.
  • Open your mouth wide, direct the applicator toward the affected area and press down the spraying pump for as many times as specified in the dosage.
  • Hold your breath during spraying. Do not swallow.
  • After dosage, the applicator should be turned downwards, which blocks the spraying.
    Lysobact Spray® is not intended for use in children under 6 years of age.